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n the span of a few years, the Internet has become essential for business. Today, a website is an essential tool for all companies. However, Canadian entrepreneurs delay using the Internet to increase their sales and reach their customers. According to Statistic Canada, only 40% of small companies in Canada had a website in 2012. And many, among the ones that did, didn’t use it efficiently.

Nowadays, it’s the way customers find products and services. More than half of the purchase decisions are made online. A website is a digital showcase that enables you to present your products and services 24/7 to a local and even global market. What we also tell our customers at Publissoft is that the website is like your representative who’s ready to answer your existing and potential customers’ questions 24/7. And he must do it in a very professional manner.

Their customers find them by references

A presence on the Internet is important, even if you don’t plan on selling online. For example, your customers may look you up on the web or on social medias in order to know your business hours, your coordinates and your products and services. Some clients tell us that their customers find them through references. And that is absolutely true. And when we take the time to analyse the phenomenon of references, we realize there are many levels of referencing. At the first level, the reference is solid, because a person who did business with your company has referred you and thus possesses all the necessary information to refer you well. But when we get to level two, three, four, etc. meaning when we’re talking about the friend of a friend who refers you or as we say in Quebec: we heard it through the branches. This means the reference is not as strong and the reflex that people now have is to “Google” the name of your company to confirm their idea on this reference and that is when you need a properly made website with an efficient web strategy. In other words, Google is now an integrative part of the word-of-mouth.
So, do not delay and begin translating to sales these references that look you up on the Internet with a website that respects the most recent norms in terms of: web programing, web ergonomics, accessibility, compatibility, reliability, download speed, responsivity (adapted to mobile devices), etc. Furthermore, your website must be attractive to your potential customers and demonstrate your strengths to convince this potential customer to contact you.

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