Why Google Adwords (SEA) ?

Google Adwords is a very powerful marketing tool that contains a large amount of opportunities for your business when used optimally.

This tool contains a lot of relevant information like all keywords used when searching Google to find a business in your field. This gives you valuable information about the right texts to be found on your website so that you have the best (keywords possible bridges) in relation to what people are searching for in Google and the content of your website.

At the same time, you will find that each keyword becomes a mini marketing plan in itself. That’s why a major analysis must be done for each keyword related to your area of business and thus give it its relative importance in relation to all the keywords to choose for your Adwords campaign.

Let’s take the key word esthetician for the Esthetique Inc. company who would like to become a leader in the H1X area code in Montreal. Therefore for this area code we could establish a configuration such as this one:

  • Raise the bid for the keyword “beautician” only for this sector of the city to be more competitive against the competition of Aesthetics inc.
  • Choose a daily budget.
  • Vary the types of ads: text, corporate videos, graphic banners.
  • Choose Google’s partner websites where you want non-text ads to appear.
  • Target people already interested in aesthetics.
  • Show ads only to females aged 25 to 35 years old.
  • Submit ads for the beautician keyword from 4 pm to 8 pm, Thursday through Sunday.
  • Offer ads only to Francophones.
  • Suggest ads only to users of a mobile device.
  • Choosing the right landing page on Aesthetics Inc.’s website to ensure the relevance of the content that the user will find when arriving on the site – after clicking in the announcement of Aesthetics inc. in Google or elsewhere on the web. This will prevent a high bounce rate.

Here is a small overview of what can be configured in Google Adwords.

Now imagine how we can help you maximize the presence of your business online with Google Adwords.

A major strength of Google is the fact that the company has more than two million websites that are its partners, which allows Google advertisers to display the ads on their respective sites. These partner websites reach more than 90% of Internet users; this gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience when people browse their favorite websites, for example, or use a mobile app they like or a video in YouTube. You can even prevent your ads from appearing on websites that interest you less.
And what’s even more interesting is that we can measure everything that happens with your Adwords campaign on a daily basis. For example, if Aesthetics inc. has an online store, we could make ads that aim to attract buyers to the online store of Aesthetics Inc. and at the same time measure with Google Analytics all the buying activity of the day on the shop according to the Adwords campaign that Publissoft has configured. All with the objective of adjusting your advertising campaigns constantly according to your business objectives which may also vary over time.

There is still a set of parameters to consider when we perform the overall analysis for optimizing your Google Adwords campaigns.

Make sure that at Publissoft , we take the time with each of our clients to understand your business objectives locally or internationally, in a transparent, honest and above all efficient way. .

Contact us today to learn about all the digital bridge opportunities we can build for you with your online presence and target customers.

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