CRM is a software enabling you to take control of the management of the relationship with your potential and existing clients. It is a business strategy enabling to establish, develop and preserve
profitable relationships with its existing or future clients.

What is the utility of the management of the client relationship?

The management of the client relationship gathers information on the sales and the scale marketing of your organization. It can then provide you with the following advantages:

  • Preserve the existing customers by improving the customer service.
  • Sell more to existing clients by identifying new possibilities
  • Make automatic the processes of creation of submissions for your potential clients.
  • Ensure a more efficient follow-up and management of the performance of your company.
  • Conclude business deals faster thanks to a centralized follow-up of the key information
  • Rationalize the account management with a follow-up of all the interactions with each client.
  • Win some time by improving team communication.
  • Enable your salesmen on the field to access information from their mobile devices.
  • Generate very professional invoices.
  • Have an overall picture on the past, the present and projections on the future of your company thanks to personalized reports. This will help you structure your things more efficiently.

What are the functions of a CRM software?

The CRM software collects information on current and potential clients and organizes it in an integrated system. And thus, this helps you better understand your market and all your employees
obtain a global vision of the current and potential customers, which enables them to work more efficiently in collaboration and to better coordinate their activities.

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